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Kiss your implementation headaches goodbye

We like big ideas. And over the past three decades, we’ve helped our clients implement thousands of them. Though each was unique in its own way, we’ve found one trait common to all: success is the result of a collaborative effort organized into a cohesive unit.

Our consultations produce the most dynamic program and project deployments possible. They shift practices by fostering stress-free solutions and levels of creativity that elevate the original idea well above the project’s stated goals – often exponentially so.

How does experience affect project management?

What are value-based project implementations?

Working within frameworks that include Office 365, SharePoint Online, SharePoint On-premises, SharePoint on Windows Azure (IaaS), Microsoft StreamInsight, and Big Data, our program management and project management services enhance the result of every process.


Each engagement can be tailored to your specific line of business. Popular options include:

  • Vendor and FTE coordination (onshore and offshore)
  • Process and procedural development
  • Release coordination
  • Tracking and control of release / sprint scope
  • Security liaison and oversight
  • Onboarding
  • Requirements and architecture assistance
  • Tooling and scripting
  • Detailed status reports
  • Administration and tracking of tooling and governance
  • Response to business requirements documents, including crafting assistance
  • Functional and boundary testing
  • Engineering sign-off for releases / sprints
  • Skill set supplementation
  • Interim leadership
  • Meeting coordination and management

Admittedly, we make project management sound easy. But the simple truth of the matter is: with us, it is!

Learn more about our project management experience or contact us today for a free personalized consultation.