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Complete. Sustainable. Effortless.

soEASY is a trusted, experienced consultancy specializing in project and program management, architecture, design, proof-of-concepts (POCs), and systems development. Our complementary, customer-centric services are geared toward a singular outcome: results.

Whether you need an out-of-the-box implementation or a customized solution, we can guide you toward the best technologies and processes on platforms that include:

  • Office 365
  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint On-premises
  • SharePoint on Windows Azure (IaaS)
  • Microsoft StreamInsight
  • Big Data

Shaped by our surroundings

You'll find us at the center of the world's high-tech hub. With roots in Seattle and our new headquarters in the Bay Area, we are deeply rooted in the fast-paced culture of the technology industry. From this centralized location, we leverage a wide assortment of best practices and unique methodologies. We also draw upon an extensive network of resources and specialized individuals situated throughout the west coast. These valued local relationships combine with our resources abroad, enabling us to personally tailor our services from every possible angle.

Incorporated in 1999, our group is comprised of industry-leading professionals who collectively possess many years of dedicated expertise. This enables us to provide a wide range of technological efficiencies that include:
  • Reductions in effort, involvement, and maintenance through integrated, intuitive systems customized to your unique business and demands
  • Recommendations on the most beneficial suite of tools, resulting in cost-reductions and time-savings through a unified, familiar platform
  • Risk-mitigation and measurable increases in creativity and innovation due to process improvements across the board
  • Real-time reporting that aggregates line-of-business data, dramatically improving management effectiveness through up-to-the-minute insight
  • A competitive edge, resulting from a rich business intelligence framework that encompasses your entire organization


We call ourselves soEASY for a reason…

We take the complexity out of streamlining your workflow. Because we believe that with the proper mix of technology and technique, anything is possible.

Our adaptive, collaborative approach synchronizes all stakeholders into a unified, exceptionally-productive whole. From your internal team to third-party vendors, we make sure everyone is working toward the same goal with a clear understanding of the desired outcome.

In this way, we have engineered visionary software solutions and hassle-free implementations for clients operating in a diverse range of industries throughout the United States and around the globe. While the business goals tend to be as unique as the clients themselves, each initiative shares our dedication to questioning, testing, and a relentless search for proof. In fact, we are only satisfied when we have verifiable evidence that our plan has successfully met your goals.

Our unique (and somewhat unconventional) approach has been shown to consistently provide sustainable success by producing integrated efficiencies that extend across an entire line of business. It's a method that's given us quite a reputation within the industry – one we are exceedingly proud of!

Our guarantee

We practice strong leadership and attention to detail. These two traits enable you to be practically hands-off. We keep you up-to-date on milestones and progress through comprehensive status reports. From there, you're free to personally oversee as much or as little as you choose, confident that the project is moving forward, on schedule and in line with each of the objectives you've established.

That's a promise!